Hi, my name is Maggie and I’m the newest member of the Mist family. I’ll be the primary storyteller here as far as the written word goes, but have no doubt each family member will play a big role in the retelling of their stories to me and hopefully jump in to post from time … Continue reading Intro


Responsibility in Power Dynamic Relationships

If you go by most of what you see online the general consensus is that of course all responsibility belongs to the Master. Well, I have to call bullshit. There really is no way for responsibility to not be shared if you plan to actually live life outside of a 50 Shades wank fantasy. While … Continue reading Responsibility in Power Dynamic Relationships

Not Everything Is About Being Poly

I hear a lot how something happens because "We're poly." Whether it's communication, transparency, STI awareness etc. The fact that many people believe relationships are so vastly different because they are poly or kinky just stumps me. Being transparent, having good communication skills, being self aware, loving, honest, with integrity etc are not poly or … Continue reading Not Everything Is About Being Poly


One of the many things the four of us have in common is our feelings about family and the importance of those relationships. Sometimes family is blood related, but sometimes it is those we choose. A few weeks ago I had a visit from my friend, Laurie, from California and we got to go hiking … Continue reading Family