How it All Began

I think it best to start at the beginning and so the story begins with our Knight and Alandra over 30 years ago. This is their story as it has been told to me…


I’ve heard two stories of the very early days. Both made me laugh in the wonderful absurdity of special ways the universe managed to bring us all together. One of those stories puts Alandra, along with a younger sister, on a 3-wheeler. Now depending on who is telling the story, she either wasn’t paying attention and damn near ran our Knight down or he wasn’t paying attention and had no business being where he was. Considering Alandra’s home was going up in flames and our Knight was one of the forestry firefighters making sure the fire did not spread from house to forest, I would venture to say they were both running on high.  I’m not quite sure it was love at first sight, but I dare say she quickly got his attention.

Picture the inside of an arcade for the second story. Pool tables busy with patrons playing their games. Alandra just happened to be one of those patrons. I thoroughly enjoy watching our Knight’s face as he reminisces in his telling of her attire, how he enjoyed watching her bend over the pool table for her shots. The happiness of youth plays on his face during the story. I love watching that.

In Alandra’s telling you get the teasing, playful side of our Knight. How he teased her friend until Alandra finally told him to pick on someone his own size. Now in my mind this may have been where the love began. Our Knight enjoys a challenge and I can just imagine his response, both verbal and nonverbal, under such circumstances. Of course, Alandra isn’t even close in size to our Knight, but that wouldn’t have stopped her from baiting him. She can hold her own under any circumstance. After all, 30 years later and she’s still keeping him on his toes.

For the next few years they courted and started along the journey of what would become their life as man and wife. I’d always wondered how they decided poly was right for them, at what point the idea came up and will say I was happily surprised when I found out it was Alandra’s idea. From the telling of the story the topic came up after a marriage prep class where Alandra told him she would share him. I wish I could have seen his face.

Every man’s fantasy come true, right? Well maybe not at first. In sharing the story, our Knight spoke of being shocked and not quite knowing what that entailed. There is a lot to think about  when it comes to such things and the next ten years were spent thinking about it all while starting a beautiful family. I loved the little smile on Alandra’s face as she commented, sharing how during that time she didn’t pressure him even once.

There were some stops and starts, trial and errors, as they made their way but all of that changed when in 2005 they met Kyra. I think we’ll save that story for another post though.


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