Kyra’s Journey

I’ve been looking forward to sharing Kyra’s story. Back then  I was just  a bystander, watching from behind my computer screen. It wasn’t until just recently that I heard the whole story from Kyra and our Knight both.

The magic started on November 8, 2004 when Kyra joined an alternative dating site. She wanted to see if there were people who actually did kinky stuff and were involved in alternative relationships or if it was all just fantasy in fiction books. She chose the unusual nickname Rhiannon based on the Celtic myths and started down a path that would be profoundly life changing.

After Kyra made her profile she went in a couple of chat rooms to see what was going on. It was there our Knight came in contact with her. He offered up his email address in case Kyra had any questions she might want to ask offline. And so their friendship began.

Our Knight remembers coming across Kyra. Not only was he not looking at the time, he was actually nearing the end of what had turned out to be a very stressful and negative relationship. He hadn’t gone into the chat rooms in months when he popped in that night as a bit of an escape.

They got to know one another through email and MSM messenger. First the exchanges were infrequent and then they spent more and more time getting to know each other. His chats with Kyra drew our Knight in but he didn’t allow his emotions out. Once, he even told Kyra that the infatuation she was having would pass. Hearing this made me chuckle just a bit. Sounds just like our Knight. At the time he was tired of the whole poly thing and not even considering a long distance relationship. While he couldn’t deny she was an incredible person, to our Knight it seemed unfair to start a relationship where she would just end up being hurt due to the distance.

During this time she was healing from Major Depressive Disorder and Social Anxiety. The more time they spent learning about each other the more drawn in she felt. What sent her over the edge was receiving a call during a particularly hard time. Kyra’s father had been hospitalized and even from a distance, our Knight was there to support her by calling to make sure she was okay and to help take her mind off things.

It’s interesting to hear the telling from both sides. It is hard to get across exactly how much was going on for the both of them.  Kyra wanted to meet our Knight in person but thought maybe he didn’t take her seriously or didn’t think meeting to be a very realistic option. At the same time, he was just beginning to realize this whole thing was really happening. It was then he feels as though the emotions started to flow.

However, even though he was feeling all of it, he still didn’t allow himself to express those feelings to Kyra or allow her to express her love toward him. It was a topic our Knight brought up a few weeks before Kyra was set to arrive for her first visit even as he said the words aloud every time he hung up the phone.

I remember the first time I heard him share that particular part of the story with me. The smile in his voice as he retold how he would hang up the phone and then say “I love you.” I can imagine the angst he felt not yet being able to share those emotions with Kyra. You see, while our Knight might just be sadistic as hell, he is also very open about his feelings so it would have been hard for him and I believe for Kyra too.

It’s a good thing he finally agreed to a meet although there were conditions. With our Knight in Northern Alberta, Canada and Kyra in Southern Florida, USA, he was worried about the distance. Being new to any alternative relationship styles, Kyra was to attend a social event with other people in alternative relationships. He wanted her to meet people face to face and make sure it was something she was interested in. To his surprise she did exactly that and afterward her trip to Canada was planned.

On April 30th, 2005 Kyra flew nearly 3,000 miles to meet our Knight. She was so nervous getting off the plane she was stopped at customs and questioned for over 30 minutes. During the telling, it was this part of the story where the memories, the emotions of the time, are still very powerful for them. I could actually feel the intensity as I listened. The writing of it doesn’t relay any of that very well I’m afraid, but you still get an idea of how wonderful it is when the energy of two is brought together and turns it into something else entirely. Love is an amazingly beautiful thing.

Kyra’s being delayed at customs caused our Knight to be the only person still waiting in the lobby. Alone and feeling lonely, he sat down to try and find the words he would need to tell Alandra, Kyra wasn’t on the plane. It wasn’t until this point when he actually realized how much love was already there for Kyra. He was staring at his phone worrying about saying the words without losing it when his phone rang. It was a customs officer asking if he was expecting a visitor. The flood of relief and joy he felt was incredible. She was here and damn I love her, are the words he wrote about the experience. They say it all and then he was back in control and ready to sweep his woman off her feet.

Kyra’s memories of the final moment painted a picture of them both in my head that I just love. She walked through the doors in an outfit she’d chosen just for him, including heels as our Knight has a love of women in heels. He was wearing a chapeau, a long leather trench coat and sunglasses. Doesn’t that just paint the most fabulous picture!

She walked up to him and his first words to her were, “You were nervous.” He then gently touched her cheek before pulling her in for a hug. It was then that she knew she was home.



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