Sleeping with the Mists

This is one of the questions everyone wants to know, but no one wants to ask…

Where does everyone sleep and what exactly is the sex like? Keep on reading and I’ll tell you a bit about both. Of course, none of this is set in stone because it all really boils down to what our Knight wants at any particular time.

I think I’ll start with the actual sleeping arrangements before moving on to the fun stuff. First and foremost, unless there is absolutely no other choice, our Knight doesn’t sleep alone. I would venture to say he doesn’t sleep as good even with only one of us beside him. After years of sleeping between Alandra and Kyra, one of them missing is greatly noticed. There is just something soothing about a warm body on each side, especially when you like to cuddle and have arms and legs like an octopus. It’s their normal night to night. Our Knight in the middle with Alandra on his right and Kyra on his left. This is often how they are when we video chat in the evenings.

With the exception of a few sleep overs, I’ve spent the last five years or so sleeping on my own, just me and my big U-shaped pillow in my queen sized bed. Because he and I are not physically together everyday, when we are together I am to sleep beside him. I was a bit concerned neither of us would get much sleep on my recent trip to Canada and we didn’t, but it was for entirely different reasons. I do enjoy a good cuddle though and so we meshed well in that way. Besides, cuddling can lean to so many other interesting things.

Being the caring man our Knight is, I think he was worried I was going to be cold and so pretty much every night during my visit he unconsciously, while still sleeping, pulled the covers up and literally tucked me in. More than once a night I would wake up to him tucking me in and then as he once again got comfy I would fight my way out of my too warm cocoon. It has turned into a joke of sorts.

In the past I have been called a blanket hog. If I’m cold or in need of a pillow and you are sleeping next to me there is a good chance yours will soon be mine. I will wake up wrapped up snug like a burrito with extra pillows while the chattering teeth of my partner echoes through the room and not have a single memory of the theft. I personally think this is why our Knight kept me tucked in. He didn’t want me to steal his share of the blanket or his pillows.

There was definitely a flexibility in sleeping arrangements when I visited. Some nights he and I slept alone together and other nights three of us slept together while the other slept alone. I struggled with this because the last thing I wanted was for either Kyra or Alandra to feel displaced. As I think about it, it might be the first time in our relationship I had trouble obeying with grace. It made me nervous and uncomfortable but when the man tells you where you’ll be sleeping, that is just where you’ll be sleeping. It’s the way things work in our relationship.

Which brings me to sex. While explaining sleeping arrangements might be a bit complicated, explaining the sex is not. It’s quite simple really. When he wants sex, he has it. Rough, aggressive, intense sex is another way he expresses himself. It is important that we are all able to express ourselves honestly and from our core and what a fabulously physical way to do so. It is also agreed upon as part of our power dynamic relationship. So when our Knight wants sex it may be with one, two or if I am visiting, with all three. His desire, his choice.

There is much to take into account on his part I guess. Health issues, sleep requirements etc. He expects information to be given as needed in all aspects and this one is no different. As always, without all the information it’s hard to make good decisions. I don’t know what this thought process looks like internally for him. All I do know is I’m glad I don’t have to make the decisions. Once the decision is made though it doesn’t matter who else might be sleeping in the bed, sex will happen and you might be jolted awake by the movement of the bed and/or naughty accompanying sounds .

While talking about me writing this he mentioned how he did accept requests though. I’m still giggling over that one. And not at all surprised. He is a very giving man.

As all other aspects of our relationship, the sex is led by our Knight. However, that is not to say he doesn’t enjoy being approached first. I will say though that out of the three of us, none of us are particularly big on initiating sex so it’s a good thing he enjoys his leadership role in this instance as well as the rest to touch our lives.

He is very tactile so that really makes being flirty fun for me. I enjoy grabbing his ass and just generally running my hands over his body. It makes me very happy to know he not only allows such, but enjoys it too.

There are other bedtime things, but they have more to do with the power dynamic aspects of our relationship than the poly aspects and so I think I will save them for later. As always, if you’ve got anything specific you are curious about, please do not hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to share the information.





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