I’m always excited to read something another family member has written, but there is something very special about the way our Knight writes about those he cares about. I enjoy how he shares his emotions, the things he loves and the reasons why they resonate with him. I added this picture of Kyra because it is one of my all time favorites. Just so much joy and fun all in one picture. I hope you enjoy!


How can one fall in love without touching her flesh or be touched by her? Is it possible to fall in love with only seeing a pixel on the screen? Can I trust the love when I haven’t held her and smelled her hair? Before Kyra I never believed these things to be possible. But she showed me they are and why.

Kyra and I crossed paths in life on the information highway. I was definitely not looking to fall in love. It came as a surprize when it happen and not so easy to trust it at first either. But 12 years later trust is stronger than ever and it is not a surprize how much I love her.

My acquaintance with Kyra began with her wanting to understanding the lifestyle I was in and at some point it came specific to understanding my lifestyle. Her questions showed a desire to deeply understand that which she didn’t understand. The seeds of love were planted.

She doesn’t take things at face value but neither is she a skeptic.  She has a thirst for knowledge.  As a person with two university degrees I teased her that she was a professional student.  But she truly is a lifelong learner. I love that about her.  I am more knowledgeable because of her.

I still chuckle when we stood at the counter of the customs office. She was entering for the first time as a landed immigrant. The officer started asking those standard questions and she pulls out her binder. Organized and prepared, she was and the officer was very impressed. She was incredibly nervous leading up to that moment but her preparations and organization allowed her to navigate the moment with ease. I love that about her. Being a more spontaneous person we balance each other.

We talk all the time and I am always clear in understanding what she has to tell me. She isn’t one to say things in code or passively. She is assertive in sharing her thoughts and feelings on what she wants or needs to talk about. There is no drama or over the top exaggerations. Pragmatic and concise is her approach. I love that about her. I can understand her and she understands me even when it’s emotional.

One would think with what I shared that she is not all that emotional. It would be a mistake to think that.  Her ability to control and manage her emotions is not evidence of a lack of them. In fact her emotions are incredibly intense and powerful that necessitates her to control and manage them.  I have seen her in those moments when the emotions bubble out of control. She is not pleased with herself in those moments.  I just love her all the more. She is not ruled by her emotions but she feels with such incredible depth. I love that about her.

Determination and due diligence are not all that sexy but to me they are a reason to love her. She is a cautious person by nature but is not going to be afraid to change her path. Even choosing to be in my life was a significant change for her life and that is just one of many examples of the changes she has the courage to make. But she does her due diligence in considering a course of action and once decided is a determined force that makes things happen. I love that about her.

There sure are a lot of things to love about Kyra. I would be writing a story of all those various things and the incredible impact they have had on me. I feel fortunate that she is in my life for I know I am a better person because of all the wonderful things I love about her. She doesn’t easily open herself to people and it is wonderful that somehow I found my way into her heart because she is deeply within mine.


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