Life Outside of Town

We have this beautiful dog that we rescued as a pup from being culled from reserve land.  He is a massive cinnamon coloured long haired retriever of some sort.  Mostly he is a mut.  His eyes are the same colour as his coat so it is good that he has black lining them.  He is absolutely beautiful.


His disposition is gentle, calm and submissive.  We believe our Buster played a big part in making him such a calm sweet dog.  He loves children (especially boys), puppies and he is so gentle with our cats.  The horses are his running buddies.

He is all around a fantastic loving dog.  We forget that he has a wildness in him.  When he was about 6 months old a pack of coyotes came too close to our land and he let out a wolf howl.  Needless to say the next time we heard the coyotes they were much farther away.

Last weekend there were consequences to our forgetfulness.  We were going in and out of the garage in building the coop so we left the door open.  The chicks (now pullets) are in their pen in the garage.  Our cinnamon boy broke into the cage and within seconds there were only 5 pullets left.

We were careless and a high price was paid by all.  We will not be careless again.  Our beautiful boy does not understand why we were so upset; he was just being himself and acting on instinct.  He came to each of us asking forgiveness and has yet to go near the garage.

Emotionally we were crushed last weekend.  But like we do we turned towards each other for support and strength.  Our daughters came over and so did the grandkids.

On Sunday we picked up a few more chicks and 3 adult hens.  Then this weekend is Mother’s day and we will have everyone over for a BBQ and hopefully the coop will be open for business with a lot of reinforcement to keep predators away.

Life outside of town is not always easy.  Becoming more self sufficient requires work and diligence.  We think it is worth it despite our tender hearts



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