It is not always easy to see ourselves through the eyes of another. Here is what our Knight has to say about me…

I once believed I would never do long distance again. In fact after a couple of relationships started and ended these past several years I was rather content to close my door to intimacy and love for all except the two exceptional women already in my life. But then it happened. I fell for a woman who I had never even touched and was more than a day’s drive to be with. Am I a fool or is this just my faith? Maybe a little of both I suspect.

Truth be told I have long been intrigued by this incredible woman. I barely knew anything about her. I didn’t even know what she looked like for years when we first crossed paths some 10 years ago. There is nothing particular that I can point to that drew me to her. But I was and now still am sort of unsure of it all. Except I am absolutely driven to love her and spend a lifetime to know everything I can about her.

Even though we have circled each other’s orbit for years. We never really made any type of connection or even a direct effort to connect. Wondered and fantasized is about all that was rather realistic for either of us. But about six months ago something changed and we connected. I am not even aware what changed. Just overjoyed that it did.

I can’t say a whole lot about why I am so deeply in love with this incredible women. Experience has taught me that it takes me years to truly appreciate the magnificence of the women I am in love with. But experience has also taught me to trust in what is happening to myself right now. I am so incredibly grateful that Maggie is trusting what is happening as well. Without all of us jumping into the pool there really wouldn’t be any happy story.

Even though I feel keenly aware I have only waded into the shallow pool in the knowledge of this woman. I also know enough that I have little doubt of who this woman is to me. This woman who is so incredibly easy to know and fall in love with. Of course Maggie will be the first to tell you that getting to know her has not been so easy for some. Which just makes me feel the connection for her all the more.

Kindness is something that people do but very few are actually a kind person. Such people do things without expectation of anything in return. They just are kind because it feeds their happiness in life just to be kind. My maggie is such a person. I watched her give a friend a simple gift. But what was the most incredible to me was the joy she showed in telling me what caused her to choose the simple gift. I love the kindness of her heart and spirit. I see it in how she carries herself and interacts with those that in her life.

Don’t confuse her kindness for weakness. She is an incredible courageous woman in more ways than I can imagine. She has been in life and death situations as a firefighter. She has made courageous changes in her life that took her out of the comfort zone and explored new directions. Even now as I come into her life she is taking on a change. For someone who loves structure and routine in her life she sure likes to shuffle the deck once in a while.

Deep emotions with calm waters sure is a theme of my ladies. Maggie has very deep waters and her emotions are subtle and soft in expression. She warns me that she can get mad and be a bit of a bitch. I think her measuring stick is much different than mine. The kindness of her soul doesn’t let her stray too far from her norm even in anger I suspect. Definitely unlike myself and she only had a taste of it awhile back. I am hoping a little of her kindness rubs off on me in the many years in our future.

Wisdom is something I am only beginning to appreciate about my Maggie. It’s exciting to consider all the talks we will have in our future. Especially considering the ones we have already had. She is not one to make her opinion or perspective heard but it is definitely one worth wanting to listen to.

Work ethic and a desire to grow as a person are just couple of other things I am excitedly learning about this women. So many other things to that are showing themselves as we grow in our love with each other. What amazes me the most is the lack of over the top excitement with this new relationship in our family.

Comfortable and tranquility are better words to describe our experience of falling in love. New relationship energy doesn’t seem to be applicable to us here. I love her and there just isn’t any fanfare. It is familiar and easy. No struggles as we slowly begin our dance together. I feel like I am sitting down enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and hot chocolate as the world outside is cold and inhospitable. I am love with a woman who makes me feel at peace.


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