I am currently sitting in my home in Southern California writing this, but by the time it posts and you are reading it I will already be at my new home east of Nashville, Tennessee.

My current distance from our Knight, Alandra and Kyra is about 1,969 miles. My new distance will be around 2,398 miles… give or take a few. I think we’ve found it kind of amusing that while most long distance relationships move closer to one another I am actually moving farther. Life is funny that way.

I started thinking about this move almost two years ago now and made the final decision last July to go for it. Although I’m excited, I’m also horribly torn. You see, I am leaving three of my four daughters and my grandkids here in So Cal. I have struggled with this for the last year. I have done everything I can think of to talk them into moving with me, including bribing them… yep, not too proud to admit it. At one point I even considered not going. My struggle lessened after a conversation with daughter #3 that went something like this…

Her: Why are you upset?

Me: I feel like I’m abandoning you guys and worry you feel the same.

Her: (laughing softly) Mom, you raised us to be strong, independent women. You raised us for this. We’re choosing not to go, but we’re happy for you.

I wish I could remember word for word her response because this paraphrasing does it no justice. Every day I am proud of and amazed by all of my girls and I know that even with the distance we will remain close.

#1 has been on her own now for close to ten years. #2 flew the coop about six years ago and is one of the reasons why I am heading to Tennessee. She moved there for work two years ago and while visiting, I fell in love with the area. So for the last six years it has just been the two youngest and myself.

#2 is flying out to help with the move and in my ever present blessings I will be far from alone on this venture. The 2,000 mile drive across country will consist of myself, #1, #2 and #4 as well as Tucker and Jasper (dogs) and Bailey and Taurus(cats). We’ll be split between the moving truck I’m driving and my car. I expect it to be quite the adventure!

To make things even more amazing, Once we’re there #3 will be flying out with my 9yr old grandson to spend two weeks and then with the exception of myself and #2 they will all be flying home together. How flipping cool is that!

So for this next week while we’re getting the two youngest settled into their own apartment together and finishing up the packing and cleaning for my move, I’ll be remembering all the times we’ve been there for each other and thinking about the loving support I have from afar with my Mist Family and I will smile through the tears and aches and lack of sleep while I get started on a new chapter of my life.

And yes, I promise to share the highs and lows with you all once the dust settles.

See you on the flip side!


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