Southern California to Tennessee

I’m moved and in the process of getting settled.  The trip was a 2k mile harrowing adventure with three of my daughters, two dogs and two cats.  While I can honestly say  we had fun I can guarantee I wasn’t the only one happy to arrive at our destination.

The first day was close to 12 hours long.  None of my fur babies are travelers so we stopped a lot that day.  Combined with getting a late start we were all exhausted when we finally made it to Holbrook, AZ. We planned to travel cheap and so many snacks and sandwich fixings were brought along. Included in this cheap travel plan was pretty much the cheapest of all, Motel 6. Let me tell you though, I only have good things to share. Each night we stopped, the room was clean, there was no charge for any of the pets. Hell, there were no questions really even asked about any of my fur babies. I was a bit worried and prepared to sleep in the truck with Tucker if I had to. He’s part pit and although as sweet as can be, his golden eyes give him away and that is enough to freak some crazy people out. Anyway, I had nothing to worry about. Each place had adequate parking for the truck and posted pet areas as well as waste bags and such available.

On day two we got an early start and had a nice picnic lunch in Albuquerque, NM before finally making it to Amarillo, TX for the night.  We probably could have gone farther but we were all pretty beat up so decided to call it.

Day three was uneventful and brought us to Little Rock,  AR where we spent our last night on the road. By this time us humans were over the travel but the pets were settling in just fine.  The weather was clear for the whole trip which I was very thankful for.  Driving a loaded moving truck across country was interesting enough so I was good with not having any stormy weather.



As we pulled off the freeway onto the narrow, winding road I became even more excited to see my new home.  The lush green in contrast with the severely blue skies and white puffy clouds were mesmerizing.  I felt every kind of emotion you could imagine as we came up the drive.  It’s just breathtakingly beautiful here.  As someone who grew up in the southern California desert this type of green is very new to me.

We’ve been very busy since arriving. The dogs chasing rabbits and trying to figure out what these damn deer are that seem to want to share their back yard.  We’ve been making repairs to the fencing as well as getting the riding mower to work and just enjoying our time together. We’ve made many trips into our little town for supplies and one into Nashville, which is about an hour away for me to check in at work. I think I’m going to be extremely happy with this transfer. We’ve taken time out for fun stuff. Trips for ice cream, visiting and hiking at Cummins Falls State Park, Kayaking and some girls day out shopping. My crew leave in three days and my heart breaks to see them go, but just as with my Mist Family, distance may be in the equation, but it does not define the relationships. No matter the distance, my girls and I tend to remain close and that makes me one extremely happy mama!


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