When things change yet stay the same.

I’ve had trouble figuring out what to publish to the blog today. It’s been a week today since I left Canada and in a strange way it seems like so much has happened since I left to go on my trip there… until I really think on it and then it doesn’t. Guess that’s how life works.

I’ve been a bit unsettled this week. It’s sometimes like that when either I leave them or he leaves me. It takes me just a bit to settle back into my normal routine of work and life, separate yet together.

Since coming home they have built a walkway to the gate with rails that turned out beautifully and added a roof over the double swing in the backyard. Both helpful and amazing things, especially for our Knight’s father. Making life easier for loved ones is important, I think!

At home here, our air conditioner is broken and we’re waiting on a part. I have installed a little window unit in my bedroom so I no longer feel as though I’m going to spontaneously combust. I’m all about the small joys in life and cool air is definitely one of them!

I have started painting on quitling squares my grandmother started over 25 years ago. I can’t wait until they are all done and I can piece together the quilt. I wish I knew who she had originally planned to give it to so I could gift it to them once done. I can’t tell you what joy and peace of mind painting that first square last night brought to me after the last few weeks of feeling a bit off kilter, fatigued and in pain.


And after close to five years, several doctors and a move across country I have finally found a most wonderful doctor. A recent diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis explains a lot of my life over the last few years. The strange fatigue and joint pain and the other autoimmune type stuff going on. After my appointment with a local rheumatologist on Thursday last week, I am scared but for the first time in a long while, I have hope for a more normal daily existence. During this appointment my new doctor told me I had a bright future ahead of me and that he was going to get me back to my old self.

I cried.

I’ve made many changes to my life over the last few years. Some felt huge, some just happened because they made my life easier and less painful and I didn’t really notice them as they happened. They were necessary. I learned how to be a new me and although I often get frustrated I am guessing the experiences have made me a more compassionate and caring person to those living life around me and so I will consider this too a blessing. Or maybe not, but giving it some positive energy makes me feel better about this battle and so I do it even if only for my own benefit.

So you see, even though in some ways it seems as if so much has changed in a few short weeks time, it hasn’t necessarily done so. We’re still living our lives, loving one another to the fullest while working and being family. I really couldn’t ask for more.

We are one and this is what family looks like for us.


All the best!





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